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When You Come Back To Me

Recorded in October 1989, the irresistibly upbeat When You Come Back To Me was a deliberate contrast with the ballad Especially For You from the previous Christmas, and was even more festive in terms of both lyrics and production.

The first single from his soon to be released second album, Between The Lines, debuted at #7 soon reaching #2 just behind a festive Jive Bunny offering, and soon earned Jason yet another gold disc.

When You Come Back To Me was also notable as Jason's most remixed song. Just as had happened with Especially For you, an original mix by Dave Ford was shelved in favour of another by Pete Hammond for the main single version, but Dave went on to provide not one but three additional versions: the floor friendly No Probs Mix, an instrumental with a specially recorded Spanish guitar and the irresistibly festive Yuletide Sleigh List Mix.

The song peaked at #2 and spent 11 weeks on the chart

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