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The start of 1993 seemed to suggest that the renaissance of Stock and Waterman was imminent.

They scored big hits with Sybil's THE LOVE I LOST  #3 and WHEN I'M GOOD AND READY #5, as well as getting a Top 20 album with "GOOD N READY".

WWF's second single, WRESTLEMANIA hit #14 and they scored a Top 10 album with, WRESTLEMANIA - THE ALBUM. 

Soap star Bill Tarmey's cover of Barry Manilow's ONE VOICE gave him a #16 hit record. But this success lessened as further releases, such as Pat & Mick's HOT HOT HOT and Key West featuring Erik's LOOKS LIKE I'M IN LOVE AGAIN, frustratingly stalled just outside of the Top 40. 

Sybil saw her next two releases BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS and STRONGER TOGETHER both stop at #41. 

Other bright hopes like Slamm (ENERGIZE  and VIRGINIA PLAIN) and Suzette Charles (FREE TO LOVE AGAIN) saw their strong releases scrape into the Top 75, while a re-release of Boy Krazy's THAT'S WHAT LOVE CAN DO , a surprise #18 hit in America, failed to chart in the UK. 

Bananarama's Top 30 hit MORE MORE MORE proved to be the girl group's last - as they lost their record deal with London Records.

The UK Pop industry had undoubtedly changed, the pop songs that the team had fought so hard for were no longer given a viable outlet on radio or TV as Rave, Techno and Britpop began to flood the mainstream. The big event of 1993 was one that would have huge implications for PWL. Mike Stock dropped a bombshell in August as he announced he was leaving.

The original partnership that had begun ten years earlier had now come to an end.


Many thanks to Stephen O Brien

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