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Too Many Broken Hearts

Too Many Broken Hearts was the third single release from Jason Donovan following his debut, Nothing Can Divide Us and his #1 duet with Kylie Minogue, Especially For You.

Nothing Can Divide Us had not been written for Jason and Especially For You was as much Kylie's song as his, but with Too Many Broken Hearts SAW perfected his sound. A classic pop production with a rocky edge, and front-loaded with Matt Aitken's electric guitar, it could hardly be mistaken for a Rick Astley track, let alone anything Kylie might have recorded. And although it might have been recorded in London on a grey January day, it was irresistable, sun-kissed Australiana for a growing army of Bitish fans, especially accompanied with the scenic video shot in Falls Creek, Victoria. Ironically, when Jason recorded it alongside the punchy Question Of Pride and an initial version of Change Your Mind, he did not feel it was the most obvious choice of single, but for the public it immediately became his signature hit. Contrastingly, it's soulful B-side Wrap My Arms Around You was one of the first songs SAW had written for Rick Astley back in 1986. But his version was never released and so, like Nothing Can Divide Us, it was Jason's for the taking.

Too Many Broken hearts debuted at #9 in March 1989 and hit the top spot the next week where it stayed for 2 weeks. It spent a total of 3 months on the chart.

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