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Running Back For More


Delage was a British girl group, with four members (named Rhonda, Karena, Charlotte and Judy) promoted by the record producers, Stock Aitken Waterman. The initial promo pressings of their first single carried the group name "Dazzle", but it was later changed to "Delage".

Their first single issued in December 1990, was a cover of The Hues Corporation hit, "Rock the Boat", backed with the Stock Aitken Waterman penned, "I Wanna Be Your Everything". It reached No. 63 in the UK Singles Chart.

Soon after the release of the single, Judy and Charlotte left the band and two new members, Emma and Frances, were recruited as replacements. This line-up debuted as backing dancers on the videoclip to Pat & Mick's "Gimme Some", in April 1991.


A follow up single was issued by this new lineup in October 1991, called "Running Back For More", backed with "I Wanna Shout About It", which were both written by Stock Aitken Waterman, which failed to chart.

Delage recorded one more song with Stock Aitken Waterman, "Ain't No Cure", (a cover of a Bananarama song) which was not released at the time. A 12" version of "Ain't No Cure" was released in 1997, on the Australian only compilation album, 12 Inch Classics Volume 3 – The Hit Factory. In August 2009, several tracks and remixes of the group were made available on iTunes in the UK, including the unreleased 7" version of "Ain't No Cure", amongst others.

In 1992, the group changed their name to Eden, and released two further singles, "Can This Be Love" (produced by Bruce Forest) and "Keep On Pushing Our Love" in continental Europe, to little success.

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