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Yell! was a British pop duo who had a hit single in 1990 with a cover of "Instant Replay".

Yell! consisted of singers Daniel James and Paul Varney. In 1989, they both met manager Jeff Chegwin and decided to form the group. They were signed by Simon Cowell to Fanfare Records. The group's first single, a cover version of Dan Hartman's 1970s hit, "Instant Replay", was produced by Nigel Wright and re-mixed by Pete Hammond from PWL. In January 1990, it entered the UK singles chart and peaked at No.10 in February, giving the duo attention from the pop press. The group then embarked on a promotional tour of Europe.

Their follow-up releases "One Thing Leads to Another" (written and produced by Stock Aitken Waterman) released in June 1990 reached number 81, and a cover of "Let's Go Round Again" (produced by Nigel Wright) released in September 1990 reached number 78. In 1991 the duo released an album in Asia called Let's Go! Soon after this, the duo went their separate ways.

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