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The Fat Slags


The Fat Slags is a British comic strip appearing in the alternative British comic Viz. The characters made their debut in 1989. The eponymous slags are Sandra Burke and Tracey Tunstall, known to other characters as San and Tray. They are depicted as overweight, eating large amounts of food, mainly chips, while also having a lot of casual sex. As with other Viz strips, the strip's authors use a brash writing style. "Slag" is a British English word for "slut", or loose woman.

In 1992, a Fat Slags single was released, a cover of the 1963 Cliff Richard hit "Summer Holiday". The b-side was a track called "Dance of the Handbags (Oh Lordy! It's The Fat Slags)". Both tracks were produced by Mike Stock and Pete Waterman, two of the producers of Stock Aitken Waterman. The single peaked at #78 on the UK Singles Chart.

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