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He Ain't No Competition

"He Ain't No Competition" is a 1988 single released by British boyband Brother Beyond.


First charting at the beginning of November 1988, the song peaked at #6 and spent 10 weeks on the chart.


The song was written by its three producers, the Stock Aitken Waterman trio and was the followup to the highly commercially successful "The Harder I Try", the groups first collaboration with SAW.


Brother Beyond's album Get Even (from which the track is taken) had by the time of the release of the single already been released in Japan. It was repackaged for its release in the rest of the world, including the two SAW-produced tracks, and omitting two of the band's self-penned songs from the original release. This version was released in November 1988, and the album was also a top 10 hit.

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