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I Heard A Rumour

"I Heard a Rumour" is a song by the English girl group Bananarama from their fourth album Wow! (1987). It was also featured in the 1987 comedy film Disorderlies (starring The Fat Boys) and included on its soundtrack.

"I Heard a Rumour" peaked at number 14 in their native United Kingdom, and was one of their biggest singles in the United States, reaching number four on the Billboard Hot 100. It was also a hit in nightclubs, reaching number three on the Billboard Dance Club Songs.

Pete Waterman names "I Heard a Rumour" as one of his favourite songs.

The music video, directed by Andy Morahan, is an expansion on the dress-up theme of Bananarama's "Venus".

Group members Sara DallinSiobhan Fahey and Keren Woodward are seen emulating various film stars, projected on screens behind them, by dressing up in various costumes, such as a cowgirl or Carmen Miranda. Bananarama's trademark silliness is interspersed throughout. At one point the group, dressed in French can-can dresses, bend over to 'moon' the camera and expose the letters W-O-W (a reference to their album title) on their rears.

Bloopers of the girls making mistakes in the dance routine are intercut with other footage.


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