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In 1989 The Beatles classic song was recorded by Bananarama (with French & Saunders and Kathy Burke) and released as the Red Nose Day single to raise money for Comic Relief. French, Saunders and Burke were credited as "Lananeeneenoonoo" (a parody of Bananarama, whom they imitated in the French & Saunders television programme). 


Produced by Stock Aitken Waterman this version is one of Bananarama's best charting singles, and reached #3 in the UK charts. It was Bananarama's last UK Top 10 single.


The song was featured on the 1989 Christmas episode ("The Jolly Boys Outing") of Only Fools and Horses. It was included on reissues of the band's The Greatest Hits Collection compilation in 1989.

The video features both groups dancing in a studio, Bananarama with their sexy dancers and Lananeeneenoonoo with their not so sexy dancers. The video is interspersed with recording studio shots and features Mike Stock and Matt Aitken.

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Live Comic Relief 1989
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